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Sea Kayaking Cavtat

Special offers

Join us for some unique experiences




Everyone watched the sunrise on the sea, but not everyone got to experience it from the water! Starting up at first light, join us on a unique experience that is best described by peace, tranquility and amazing colours.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: 300kn
  • Starting time: 30 minutes before sunrise



Feeling lazy today? 🙂 No problem – You can book a light version of the guided tour! In that one, accompanied by Your experienced kayaking guide You will set off to explore the complete Town of Cavtat from the sea!

  • Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
  • Price: 150kn per person
  • Check the main booking office for the starting times!



SPECIAL OFFER – NIGHT TOURS! – join us for one of the most unique experience on Adriatic Sea – Night Kayaking Tours, during which we explore sea around Cavtat guided by the lights of stars and moon!

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: 300kn
  • Starting time: 21.00